Things learned this week #7

Posted on July 27, 2016
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Learned Helplesness

Description of the interesting psychology phenomena - Learned Helplesness. The good thought to remember is that “Everything seems impossible until it’s done”.

Articles and blogposts

The Churn

A lot of good thoughts about progress in programming languages. Agree that OO and FP are not mutually exclusive they are instruments for different types of tasks. Also, the author says that one language can’t be better than other because it’s just the instrument. Maybe but definitely one instrument can be more powerful and advanced than other and languages can be different in their power. You should peek not the most powerful but the most appropriate tool for your job. That is one of the reasons why you should continue to learn new languages (tools) to be able to choose the right tool for the right job.

Beating the Averages

Agree with every letter in that article. Languages are different and have different power, it is hard to understand that until you try. For me languages are just instruments and more advanced and powerful instruments can seem a little bit weird from the first glance (because you don’t know how to use them). But after passing some learning curve you starting to realize the real power of those instruments and after that point, your current instruments may seem not so perfect as you thought before.

Why not haskell

Some complaints about Haskell usage for the web development and for prototyping. Nice comments feed, suggest you to follow.

We must leave Earth for one critical reason

That main reason for exploring new planets is that humanity has no backup plan if something goes wrong with Earth (asteroid crash, viruses e.t.c)

Mixins considered harmful

Finally good article that explains why higher order components are better than mixins. And why you should avoid their usage at all.