Things learned this week #6

Posted on July 4, 2016
Tags: learned this week


React Story Book

Nice approach for building modular isolated react components. And also solves some kind of documentation issues. Instead of reading a boring manual you can just check all possible states of the component, play around with it and get all necessary information about how this component can be used.


Another one tool for creating isolated UI components. React Story Book took this one for its basis.

Google Caja

Sanitizing tool for third party scripts that are injected into your page.

Blog posts, specs or articles

A new way of blogging about javascript

Shows how you can add some interactive code snippets to your static blog.

Everything I know about the script tag

Nice overview of all features of the script tag. Async/defer are very important to remember and use.

RUM vs synthetic

Describes two different approaches for measuring frontend performance. The winner solution is to use both.

is it brunch time?

Awesome research story with the help of twitter streaming API.

You can increase your intelligence

This article states the fact that you can increase the cognitive resource and intelligence of your brain by constant training.

Jasmine vs Mocha

Good comparison of testing frameworks. From one side Jasmine has built in asserting and mocking functionality from another mocha is just a test runner and you can use different options for assertions and stubbing.