Things learned this week #4

Posted on June 18, 2016
Tags: learned this week

Videos talks, tutorials

Delivering the goods

Awesome talk from Paul Irish. Explains how bandwidth and latency influences page load optimization. Explains what is a critical path. Also shows some live examples on

React.js Conf 2016 - Jared Forsyth - Redux, Re-frame, Relay, Om/next, oh my!

Brief overview of the most popular ways of managing app state for components based on React. Still it leaves more questions than answers.

Jafar Husain - Falcor: One Model Everywhere at react-europe 2016 ReactEurope

Nice comparison of GraphQL and Falcor. The key idea for me from that talk, Falcor is mostly about javascript syntax and json and at the same time, GraphQL has type system and designed for applications with a huge amount of entities.

Laney Kuenzel & Lee Byron - GraphQL Future at react-europe 2016

Nice status update for GraphQL. It is a quite young concept but already has a big ecosystem around it. Still there are a lot of questions but we already can start using this technology. Also describes how observables can help us to build reactive real-time applications.

Dan Abramov - The Redux Journey at react-europe 2016

The author of Redux highlights the core concepts and future of this library. Redux is built on top of a really simple idea and pure Redux, in a nutshell, doesn’t give you a lot of features. What it gives is the contract and constraints about how you application state is changed. It is a relatively young project but it has a rich ecosystem around it already.

Blog posts, specs or articles

Performance Budget Metrics

Description and comparison of different types of metrics that can tell you something about the performance issues of the web pages.

Performance Budget

A brief explanation what performance budget is and why it can be important for your website.

The Power of Writing

Good article about how writing can make your better. And how everything that you write can have an influence on the world.

Stop Getting In My Way! — Non-blocking UX

Nice way to improve UX is to make your UI nonblocking. The key idea is not to force the user to wait while some action will be completed.