Things learned this week #3

Posted on June 13, 2016
Tags: learned this week

Another pack of interesting links. Mostly about image performance optimization.

Videos talks, tutorials

GraphQL introduction

Still mysterious topic for me but I’m sure that that thing is the future of API building. Quite good overview from facebook with live demos.

Blog posts, specs or articles

The technology behind facebook cover photos

Facebook approach for reducing content load time. Quite simple but it helped them to speed up the page load by 30 percent.

Image optimisation

Good checklist of image optimisations from Google.

Everything You Need to Read and Watch About Muhammad Ali


Imagemagick for optimizing images for the web

Awesome article with lots of details about image optimisation algorithms (in Russian)

Web page bloat statistics

Interesting research about page size growth. Interesting fact that average page today is almost 150 times larger than the average page twenty years ago.

My increasing frustration with Clojure

This article highlights concerns about how Clojure is moving.